Competitive Advantage

We provide AI engineering, software/hardware development services, and consulting for your business needs. Take your business into the future and optimize your processes with software and hardware systems that negate human error and improve efficiency. We can help your business take the next step, giving you a competitive advantage to traditional and outdated business practices and technologies by building out custom systems that fit your needs. We specifically target the bottlenecks and human error deficiencies that cause a loss in revenues or that cause your business to become less efficient. With 37 years of business experience and a world class engineering and software/hardware team, we understand how businesses operate and how implementing new technology and AI can improve workflow, revenues, and cut down time and errors.


Custom Solutions for Unique Problems

From automating visual counting of inventory, to collecting and monitoring data and practices to show trends and flows, to forensics, there are many ways we can help you improve and optimize your business. Below are some examples.

  • Using image recognition to count large amounts of inventory and shipments quickly.
  • Counting animals and monitoring their behavior for signs of abnormalities. Whether many small animals that are hard to count manually or large animals that need to be uniquely identified and tracked.
  • Tracking various items, animals, or persons across various areas and distances in stores.
  • Using data to create trends, heat maps, and analytical data to use for business efficiency.
  • Automating processes with AI.
  • Voting poll counting and monitoring.