Our Mission

De3 Inc. is an artificial intelligence and machine learning company that detects pathogens in real-time. Using AI, we aim to save lives and improve patient outcomes.

Medical Application Overview June 2024

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"We invest in your health and the environment around you."
- Keith Louis De Santo

We are an artifial intelligence company utilizing computer language software programs and applications, hardware applications, AI and machine learning algorithms. Using our technologies while utilizing AI, we can detect pathogens and provide unique solutions. We are also a team of environmentally conscious individuals who want a cleaner and safer environment, free from pollution, contaminants, harsh and toxic chemicals, and outbreaks. We are passionate about creating a healthy and thriving planet for all its inhabitants.

Our goal is to use AI to identify and detect pathogens in real-time and to create breakthrough solutions to help clients optimize and improve their business.

We are continuously striving to reduce our carbon footprint, using non-toxic technologies, and reversing pollution in the environment. We strive to include those goals into our products and business practices.


Outsmarting the Smartest Pathogens


Our off-the-shelf and proprietary computer language software and hardware programs, combined with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms, identify micro-organisms and contaminants. Our method is highly accurate, cost-effective, and provides results in real-time using imaging feeds. In contrast, current sample testing requires a sample to be sent to a lab with turnaround times of 1 to 7 days.

AI Detection Process








May 23, 2024 - Automated Biosensing Imaging System “ABIS” key developed to safeguard data stored in the cloud. The data base image technology will remain as a trade secret. Training and forecasting of new UMMDA data will be easier to index and summon for database clients.

May 21, 2024 - Blueprinting commenced for the new liquid tube using 3-D printers.

May 20, 2024 - Replaceable Cartridge with Handheld Matter Detection Diagnostic unit filed with USPTO including updated Automated Biosensing Imaging System “ABIS” machine learning algorithms with “Cluster Image” technology and database algorithms.

After two years of development, the new application utilizes a smaller handheld unit with a cartridge that can be cleaned for environmental applications or replaced when used for medical diagnostics. The new device can be used manually whereby a veterinarian or medical professional can deposit bodily fluids into the receptacle for specific matter detection or on the high-end automated version, drones and robots can obtain sputum, blood, stool, urine, or hair and deposit into the UMMDA receptacle for testing of abnormal cells. The user interface allows for the device to be dialed up or dialed down for accuracy.

All ABIS matter is used to compile “a patient data file” in the ABIS cloud for learning against other patient files and forecasting events. The data will be licensed to regulatory bodies or medical facilities.

May 1, 2024 - Universal Multipurpose Matter Detection Application “UMMDA” Letter of Intent signed for third party in Europe to buildout the ABIS database system.